From overwhelm to action

Staying well and empowered in a world of crises

From overwhelm to action

Are the bad news getting you down?

Let me get you out of overwhelm and worry into a place of positive, empowered action!

More and more people are experiencing 'pre-traumatic stress disorder' as a consequence of increasing awareness of environmental and social challenges. 

Climate change, resource shortages, wars, inequality, natural disasters all weigh on us on a daily basis. 

When faced with issues of this magnitude it is easy to feel overwhelmed, hopeless and worried. Some people even experience severe anxiety and depression. 

Yet, in the scheme of things, what this world really needs is people who take empowered, positive action so we can all work together to overcome these problems. 

"Not knowing what to do" and feeling like you can't make a significant contribution is a challenge for many. 

This course is about getting to a place where we can take focused, empowered and positive action for the benefit of our own lives and the lives of those around us. Actions that are value-driven and in alignment with a new paradigm, a higher purpose and that are able to bring forth the better world we all would like to see. 

It's a responsibility

And it's a good one

What if you could actually feel positive about the world - despite everything that is going on? 

What if you could feel reassured and certain that not only you are doing the right thing, but also the thing that is urgently needed? 

What if you could scan through your newsfeeds with a feeling of calm and satisfaction, knowing that 'you got this', instead of nagging anxiety? 

This is not about denial, pretending there's no problem, or pointing fingers at others. This is about taking 100% resposibility for our lives and the world we live in. 


Welcome and introduction


  • Welcome

Module 1 - Put on your perspect-acles


  • Module 1 lesson
  • Module 1 worksheet

Module 2 - Choose your power tools


  • Module 2 lesson
  • Module 2 worksheet
  • The old man and his horse story

Module 3 - From Maslow with Love


  • Module 3 lesson
  • Module 3 worksheet

Module 4 - Don't dream it's over


  • Module 4 lesson
  • Module 4 worksheet

About Your Instructor

Natalie Hormann

Natalie Hormann

Life and business coach

Hi, I'm Natalie,
Mindset Coach and Future Living Strategist 

I help people who know that things need to change grow their confidence and transform their mindset, relationship, financial and health issues so they can create the life they are meant to live and maximize their contribution to a better world.

For too long on my sustainability journey, I didn't feel satisfied with the impact I was having. I transformed my own lifestyle, learned how to grow food, detox my life and go zero waste. I volunteered, argued and campaigned. I worked with legislators, corporates, communities and individuals.

But I didn't feel like it was making enough difference. And I felt anxious and depressed,.

I started to believe it was too little, too hard and too late.

Now I know that powerful change is created by empowered people. And I believe that together we can create the better world we are all hoping for - today.


Maintaining perspective

Managing your state

Personal resilience

Goal setting

Master resourcefulness

Take action


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